Hi! I’m DSLady, also known as Liv, and this is my TS3 Build Blog!

I’ve recently gotten more interested in building houses in TS3, and have amassed a collection of cute houses that I’ve put time and effort into, and yet will probably never use.

So, I figured I’d share them all with you! Until recently, I’d always dreaded building houses because I have the architectural creativity of a squashed gnat, and so everything always came out looking like ugly grey boxes. But then I went looking for floorplans online. And that is where most (okay, all) of my ideas/houses come from. Sometimes they’re exactly the same, but more often than not I’ll take some creative liberties with them, just so they actually¬†work in the game.

All of the floor plans I’ve used can be found online, and if you do use one of my houses in a published story/legacy, please give credit!